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Information on Outdoor Bar Stools & Stools

Your home deserves the finer things in life and some little finishing touches, and that includes a set of chic outdoor bar stools that invite you to take your seat. It’s all about finding a way to sit and relax while also having the stylish additions that look the part when not in use. 

The Early Settler way invites you to do so much more than simply explore a range of outdoor stools. This is a chance to go on a creative journey that will set you free to live life on your own terms like never before. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to manifest your dream home. 

Explore Your Outdoor Bar Stool Choices

Shopping for a couple of extra outdoor stools that will sit on the sidelines and invite you to take the weight off your feet is all about having things your own way. To make it happen, we’ve put together a whole host of style choices that allow you to set the tone in your own personal way. 

First up, why not take a look at something a little industrial yet modern in the shape of the Black Saddle Bar Stool and see what you think. The chic lines and bold finish combine to give you a piece that is never shy about making a statement, and yet still comfortable enough to make you feel at ease for hours at a time. Just what you need when it’s all about taking life at your own pace. 

Next up, the Jesi Granite Bar Stool — a striking piece of furniture that is ready to make a statement from the moment it arrives. The industrial look and elegant symmetry gives it a real sense of character that is sure to make you feel at ease in no time at all. Ideal when it’s all about creating an atmosphere that allows you to host and entertain without a worry in the world. All you have to do then is explore the rest of your colour options and centrepiece choices so that you can find something that speaks directly to your heart. 

Taking your time to browse our range of outdoor bar stools will introduce you to a number of our favourites, including our Paris White Bar Stool. The crisp lines and flawless finish combine in perfect harmony to leave you with a simple yet effective aesthetic addition to your outdoor space. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone for a relaxed, casual setting that is all about enjoying quality time with the people who mean the most to you. 

The Early Settler journey is all about believing that your dream home is just one click away when you’re exploring an elegantly curated collection. It’s also about freeing yourself from the status quo and latest trends in a way that allows you to find new balance and poise in everything you do. Once you achieve this, you’ll know that there’s nothing you can’t do as you bring your dream home to life before your own eyes. 

Get the Most From Your Outdoor Bar Stools 

Whether you want a matching set of outdoor bar stools or a more eclectic look that comes from mixing and matching different styles of outdoor stools, you’ll want something that stands the tests of time. Here’s a few wise words from our experts so you can make achieving it look as easy as it should be: 

  • Choose a finish that is durable enough to resist scuffs and scratches when it is in regular use

  • Pick a seating style that is comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing so you can take your seat for as long as the mood takes you

  • Look for something that you can use to stand out in the sunlight when not in use so you can furnish your outdoor seating area in style 

The beauty of this approach is that it allows you to set the tone for an outdoor area that you will simply never want to leave. If you then add in a bar, fire pit, and some slightly more relaxed sofa seating, you’ll have a whole host of options you and your guests simply won’t be able to resist. Ideal when it’s all about making memories by spending quality time in the most authentic way imaginable. 

Why Early Settler?

Explore our carefully curated collection of outdoor bar stools and we’ll treat you to our quick delivery service as a thank-you for trusting us. Add in the hassle-free refunds and returns service we’re known for and you’ll see why Early Settler is the name you can trust when nothing but authentic living is enough. It’s all about freeing yourself from the world around you in a way that allows you to set the tone in your own signature way. 

As soon as you walk outside and experience what you’ve created, you’ll know you made the right choice.