Bed Bases

Information on Bed Bases

The right double bed frame is not just the starting point for a bedroom makeover — it’s the foundation for the restful sleep you so richly deserve. Being able to lie back, stretch out, and drift off without a worry in the world is what getting into bed should be all about. We exist to turn it into the daily ritual you cannot imagine life without. 

The Early Settler bedroom furniture range features a selection of curated bed frames is yours to browse and enjoy at your leisure. We like to think of it as a gift that allows you to switch off and relax from the moment your head hits the pillow. And because you’ll be shopping with genuine authenticity, your personal style preferences will be looked after too.

Getting Comfortable With Bed Base Options 

The beauty of adding a new bed base to your home is that it allows you to reimagine everything a night of shuteye can be. You want to be able to switch off, dream right through, and then wake bright and early with the energy that you used to think was forever out of reach. Getting to know your options will help you make the right choice so that you can live life on your own terms even when you’re fast asleep.

Start with the beautifully styled Kyan Queen Bed Base Chestnut and embrace a deeply natural finish and profile that are sure to catch your eye and make you smile. Pairing it with matching linen and the softest mattress imaginable will allow you to create a setting that’s all about getting away from it all. Perfect when you want to be able to make a house a home in a way that will never leave you.

Your search for a bed base that feels like you continues with offerings like the Vincent Queen Bed Base Walnut. A bold combination of subtle variations and striking lines gives you everything you could wish for when you want to be able to make the focal point of the room look like a work of art. If you get the balance right between light and dark throughout the rest of the room, you’ll be assured of a restful, tranquil space that you will never want to leave. 

The same can be said for the timeless Kyan King Bed Base Chestnut that takes one of our most popular finishes and offers it in a thoughtful new size. Ideal when you want to be able to align your intentions with the unique character and profile of your home. It’s the only way to create a setting that feels so effortlessly natural that you will never want to sleep anywhere else.

The Early Settler ethos allows you to shop with true peace of mind when you’re searching for a double bed frame because of the quality you will see in front of you. It’s a chance to find new matching combinations, create striking contrasts, and embrace the interplay between shape and colour. 

How to Ensure the Perfect Restful Sleep 

Your new bed base allows you to lay the foundations for a restful nightly ritual that will help you wake bright and early with all the energy in the world. Here’s a few other additions you may wish to consider along the way: 

  • Choose a finish that won’t scratch or scuff so that the centrepiece of the room looks truly pristine for many years to come 

  • Make sure you have space on either side to flip your mattress with the seasons so that comfort is never something that slowly fades away 

  • Matching to your bedside tables will allow you to create a beautiful yet simple synergy that is all about intentional living 

We also love the idea of having a matching pair of casual seats on the opposite side of the room. Don’t think of them purely as places to sit — they’re more about adorning and dressing the room so that it has that inviting air that truly makes you feel at ease. Once you get it right, you’ll feel at home from the moment you walk into your new-look bedroom. 

Why Early Settler?

Shopping for a double bed frame with Early Settler is a tranquil journey thanks to our combination of a quick delivery service and a stress-free refunds and returns option. By putting the two together we’ve created a uniquely relaxing way to shop that never forces you to settle for something that is ‘ok’ when what you want is a piece that reflects who you really are. 

Walk the winding path through our collection, look closer at anything that catches your eye, and then make your choice at your leisure. It’s that simple when you decide to shop with authentic intention at your own pace.