Outdoor Furniture & Garden Furniture

Every home deserves stylish outdoor furniture that allows you to make better use of your space, and your home is no exception. The way in which it integrates with how you use your garden or patio allows you to sit, relax, and spend quality time in the sunshine. Just what’s needed when you want to be able to live life at your own pace without a worry in the world.

The Early Settler approach to life outlines what it means to find the right outdoor setting for the whole family. The way in which you can quickly and easily find something that works on every level is a joy to behold.

Dive Into Our Outdoor Furniture Range

Our wide array of outdoor furniture sets is ready and waiting to catch your eye and show you what your spaces can turn into when you find the perfect match. This is about style, comfort, and quality time all combining together in perfect harmony in a way that feels truly natural. All you have to do is let the options come to you so that you can experience the journey.

Stylish patio furniture, such as the Ripple Curved Outdoor Dining Bench, is all about embracing striking lines and timeless materials in a way that brings every element of the design to life. The casual way in which it allows you to find new practical options that are also welcoming and stylish is something that will stay with you. Just what you need to hear when you want to create a house that is a home on every possible level.

The Early Settler experience is all about introducing you to new options, and the timeless nature of rattan furniture is something you will certainly want to consider. This light and airy material invites you to take a seat so that you can live life at your own pace. This is what sitting outside in the sunshine is all about, and it’s what will allow you to switch off and relax as you share stories at the end of another day. And for those looking for something a little different, the Verdun Cushion Chair offers that extra touch of refinement that makes the difference.

Choosing garden furniture that you can integrate into your outdoor space is what making your house feel like home is really all about. Imagine stepping outside with a light bite and taking your set at your new Ripple Curved Outdoor Dining Table. The way in which it gives you everything you need to enjoy the sunshine while refuelling makes it a statement addition to your home that you will soon never want to be without.

Take in the beauty of elegant outdoor furniture on your Early Settler journey and you’ll find that you can shape your future in a way that always makes you smile. It’s about finding a piece that can offer style, sophistication, and still reflect the person you are on the inside. When you want to make this happen, we’ll be right there with you.

Get Even More From Your Outdoor Setting

Shopping for outdoor furniture sets and patio furniture that will be in constant use requires you to think about the ease of maintaining the finish. Here’s a few things you may wish to consider along the way:

  • Easy-clean fabrics are essential if you have little ones and want to be able to keep your new furniture looking as good as new
  • Outdoor cushions can add comfort and the right finish while also giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your aesthetic elements won’t fade
  • Consider how much space you will need to store your new furniture if you find that you don’t want it to be outside in the elements all year. This will help maintain the finish for many years to come

Positioning your furniture around a focal point such as a fire pit or BBQ could be an inspired direction to take things in. You then have something other than pure comfort that will draw the rest of the family outside into the sunshine. Perfect when you want to be able to enjoy real quality time by doing nothing more than embracing the simple things in life.

Why Early Settler?

Something simple as shopping outdoor furniture and knowing that you qualify for a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns shouldn’t be so difficult. Because Early Settler reflects how we believe everyone should have the freedom to live life, we offer all of the above as standard. It’s our way of ensuring that nothing is missed or overlooked when all you want to do is add a personal touch to your home. Browse our range today to find the ideal outdoor furniture for your space!