Hosting your guests and making memories with your loved ones becomes a much more natural experience with dining room sets that reflect who you are. It’s all about finding a touch of style that invites you to change how you present your culinary creations and spend time with the people who are closest to you. 

Early Settler invites you to embrace and explore a collection of thoughtfully curated dining room furniture unlike any other. Everything you are about to see is designed to bring people together, enrich your chosen space, and make a statement that will be heard for many years to come. 

Explore Our Dining Room Furniture

Taking your time when it comes to exploring the wide array of dining room sets on offer is the key to giving yourself the space you need to make the right decision. It’s all about finding new ways to use the ambient light at your disposal and the space your home has blessed you with. Balance the two in real harmony and you’ll have an authentic communal space that allows you to make memories for many years to come. 

If flexibility and choice is what you need, the Annalise Extension Table welcomes you to sit with your guests and host them in style. The way in which the light strikes the top surface allows you to set the tone in a way that will live long in the memory, all while giving your space the centrepiece that allows you to seat your guests with real pride. Ideal when you want the perfect foundation on which to serve your latest culinary creations. 

Alongside the focal point is, of course, your choice of seating, and with options like the Provincial Cross Back Dining Chair, you’ll be able to get truly creative. This classic profile has been brought right up to date with a combination of contemporary colouring and artisan craftsmanship. Pairing your choice of chairs with a table that sets the tone for the rest of the dining room is the best way to live authentically with a little help from Early Settler. 

For those of you looking for dining room furniture that tells a story, our new Oakdale Timber Dining Table invites you to welcome your guests in style. The weight and thickness of the timber is something that catches the eye from across the room, while the contemporary nature of the finishing sets the tone for everything else. Ideal when you want to be able to build your decor outwards from the centre, and all in a way that reflects who you are and what you hold dear. 

The Early Settler way of life is a chance to live on your own terms in a way that sets your mind free. You’ll be able to stand back and admire the choices you’ve made, all while knowing that when it’s time to sit, you’ll have everything you need to put on a real show. Welcome to the cosy, charming approach to hosting that you will soon wonder how you ever did without. 

Get Even More From Your New-Look Dining Room

Matching your dining room furniture to your surroundings is only half the journey — the second part is to make sure it remains as good as new. To ensure the crisp, modern touches you choose are always at their best, you may want to consider: 

  • Choosing scratch-resistant finishes that you can use for years at a time without them ever losing their shine
  • Natural wood grains that allow you to change the colour scheme in the rest of the room without having to refurnish
  • Chairs with robust upholstery and durable cushion fillings that will hold their shape and offer the perfect amount of rest-bite for years to come
  • Extension tables to add a little extra usability to a focal point that is ready to adapt to your ever-changing needs 

How you furnish your dining room says a lot about the evening that lies ahead for your guests. Make a statement with bold yet authentic choices — while avoiding trying to force things and you’ll find that your space fits together in a truly natural way. Just what’s needed when it’s time to add a new welcoming communal space into the heart of the home. 

Why Early Settler?

Our choice of dining room sets work side by side with a quick delivery service and a no-stress refunds and returns option. It’s what happens when you come to Early Settler to make a house a home in your own personal image. Perfect when you want to be able to feel whole and at peace in a way that speaks directly to your heart. 

Celebrate the finer things while remaining true to who you are and you’ll have a cosy, welcoming home that allows you to host your friends and family in style. Why settle for anything else?