Floor Lamps

Information on Floor Lamps

Set the mood for every occasion with a natural, classic, contemporary, or industrial floor lamp from the Early Settler Lighting & Fans range. With a tripod, natural woven, clear glass, and arced overhead floor lamps to choose from, you can make every space a little cosier.

Modern, Retro & Vintage Floor Lamps

Illuminate Your Space with Early Settler's Floor Lamps

The Power of Ambient Lighting
Floor lamps are more than just functional lighting fixtures; they're statement pieces that can transform the ambiance of a room. At Early Settler, we believe in the power of lighting to evoke moods, highlight spaces, and accentuate decor.

Diverse Materials & Craftsmanship
Our collection boasts an array of materials, from the organic feel of woven rattan to the modern allure of clear glass. Each lamp is a testament to craftsmanship, with every detail meticulously crafted to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

Styles for Every Decor
Whether you're a fan of modern designs, retro vibes, or vintage classics, our range has something to cater to your taste. From tripod designs that exude a contemporary feel to natural woven lamps that bring a touch of nature indoors, discover a piece that resonates with your decor.

Versatility in Placement
Floor lamps offer the flexibility to illuminate any corner of your home. Place them next to your favorite reading chair, by the couch in the living room, or even in the bedroom for a soft glow. Their portability ensures you can change their position as your decor evolves.

Pairing with Other Lighting Fixtures
While floor lamps are stunning on their own, they can be paired with table lamps, pendant lights, or wall sconces for a layered lighting effect. This combination can help create depth and dimension in your space.

Safety & Maintenance
All our floor lamps are designed with safety in mind. Stable bases, quality materials, and tested electrical components ensure they're safe for home use. Plus, with a little care, like regular dusting and using the right wattage bulbs, they'll serve you for years to come.

Experience the Glow in Person
While our online showcase offers a glimpse, we invite you to visit our showrooms. Experience the glow, feel the materials, and find the perfect floor lamp that not only illuminates but also elevates your space.