Bathroom Tapware

Information on Bathroom Tapware

Nothing marks out a beautifully appointed bathroom like a set of taps that look and feel like thoughtfully shaped works of art. If you can create this sense of aesthetic pleasure with a little help from the experts, you’re going to have a bathroom that allows you to feel at home morning, noon, and night.

Exploring your bathroom tapware options with a helping hand from Early Settler is about expressing who you are in a way that makes you feel free and at ease. It’s a way of leaving your mark without running the risk of overshadowing anything, and doing it all in a way that gives you an authentic space in which to ground yourself.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Taps & Tapware

While it’s often tempting to think of bathroom taps as an afterthought, or something you only replace when a breakage occurs, we believe so much more becomes possible when you walk a different path. Thinking about these everyday features as a canvas on which you can express yourself will give you permission to create the homely space you know you so richly deserve.

Rather than getting lost in your shortlist of bathroom taps and overwhelmed by the vast array of fixtures and fittings, we believe in moving in the opposite direction. Our belief is that anyone can shape a home that makes them feel at peace simply by aligning the aesthetics of the little things with their own personal choices. Once you get it right, you’ll wonder how you ever went all this time without it.

Consider something simple like a contemporary shower head or the Oxford Basin Set PVD and you get a sense of what it would feel like to be truly at home. Your bathroom is a space in which you refresh and renew your sense of self, which is why it’s essential to add pieces that reflect what life means to you. This isn’t about overreaching or striving for ornate luxury simply for the sake of keeping up appearances. The key is to be authentic and intentional, all while you find a new way of looking at the space around you as a place where you can make memories and switch off.

Your new bathroom tapware could also include striking designs like the Oxford Shower Set, or thoughtfully shaped pieces like the new Rochelle Lever Basin Set Chrome. In both cases, it’s the way in which the pristine nature of the finish combines with the character and personality of the lines that creates the overall aesthetic. We like to think of it as a way to decorate your surroundings by changing how you think of the everyday pieces no one else pays all that much attention to.

Embracing the Early Settler journey allows you to turn what many think is a purely functional item into an expression of your own personal style and taste. Ideal when you want to be able to create a home that makes you feel at ease on a level unlike anything you have experienced before.

How to Make Your Bathroom Tapware Last

Whether you’re searching for a shower head or something else in our range, the key is to do it with a little extra thought when it comes to the non-aesthetic elements. To make sure nothing is left to chance, here’s a few things you may wish to consider as you work your way through our collection and start to compile your shortlist:

  • A durable finish that is applied by a master of their craft will make sure that you don’t see cracks and flaking that can occur on a lower grade fixture

  • Choose a design where it’s easy to wipe clean all the way round, particularly around the back where it meets the surface of the basin 

  • Pick a design that the whole family can easily use (little ones included) so that the bathroom is an inclusive space where everyone feels at home 

Your home is all about having the freedom to glide through the day however the mood takes you. Something as simple as a mixer tap in a style that matches the other pieces of metalwork will create a sense of unity that gives you everything you could wish for. Match it to the profile of your bathroom mirror and you’ll be able to tie things together on a deeper level.

Why Early Settler?

Use our collection as the starting point for your search for some new bathroom taps and you’ll find that the perfect taps are only ever a click away. A big part of this is the way in which we’ve combined a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option so that we take care of the hard work, not you. It’s our way of making sure you’re never left waiting.