Dining Tables

Information on Dining Tables

Your dining table is the one piece of furniture that is all about adding a presence and weight to the room. It’s about inviting your guests to take their seats, feel at ease enough to share stories long after dinner is over, and also able to catch the morning light when you eat breakfast the next morning.

Our collection of dining room furniture allows you to explore so much more than the traditional matching dining table set and instead find something that speaks directly to your heart. The choice of finishes, materials, and outlines all combine to offer you an array of options that are designed to free your inner creative like never before.

Exploring Our Dining Table Range

Something as humble and homely as a classic round dining table will provide a starting point that allows you to make a house a home. It’s about making the most of your space in a way that invites everyone who visits to come and take their seat, all while taking their time to enjoy good company. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to deliver an experience that will bring everyone together.

Other options you may want to consider include the classic combination of style and substance that is the extendable dining table. This class of design gives you that little bit of extra freedom and adaptability so that you can accommodate larger groups when the time requires. You may also want to consider the classical stylings of the Maccelsfield Dining Table and the way in which you can use it to create a focal point that will stand out for all the right reasons. From there, you simply start bordering with chairs and a couple of sideboards and everything will begin to align.

The Early Settler experience is designed to unite you with a dining table and chairs that speak to you on a whole other level. Some want minimalism and contemporary finishing, while others prefer something more weight and presence like the Provincial Oak Drop Side Table. The direction you take is up to you, you just need to remember that you’re showing your guests who you are and how you envisage the space being used for years to come.

Choosing a dining table is all about introducing subtle elements that break up one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home. The Live Edge Timber Dining Table is a classic example, thanks in large part due to the way in which the edge catches the eye and dances with the light. It’s a balanced approach to decor that allows you to find a whole new way of integrating natural finishes with modern lines. Just what you want when it’s time to create interiors that work on several levels at the same time.

The Early Settler lifestyle allows you to start from a simple focal point like a round dining table and then express yourself right across the room. Your seating, lighting, and wall art all need to balance the impact and gravity of the table, and we know you already have a vision for how you’re going to make this possible.

Matching Your New Dining Table

Embracing your new dining table set, or standalone dining table, requires you to make a few artistic and creative choices along the way. But because we want your choices to endure, we want to briefly touch on the practical considerations: 

  • Measuring up and choosing seating options that feel like they flow around your space will allow you and your guests to sit in comfort for hours to come

  • A scratch-resistant finish that you can easily buff and polish will make sure your table catches the light in just the right way for many more years

  • Think about how you want to match the thickness of the table legs to that of your chairs and you’ll have a look that really comes together 

Having your table in a central location in the room, and a light that hangs directly over the centre, is a classic way to create unity and symmetry in your space. It’s also a really simple way to make the most of the space at your disposal so that you can find the right balance of stylistic presence and everyday comfort. Ideal when you want to invite your guests to share stories long into the evening. 

Why Early Settler?

We believe that shopping for your dream dining table and chairs should be simple, so we make sure to always offer a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option. When you come to Early Settler for a touch of inspiration, our aim is to make sure you always have everything you need to express who you are and what you want your dream home to be.

Come with us on a journey of self-expression and you’ll be able to create a home that allows you to live life on your own terms. Why should you ever have to compromise when it’s about being true to yourself?