Information on Bookcases

Welcome to Early Settler Furniture! We are excited to introduce our living room range to you. Our team of designers has carefully crafted a range of furniture that will bring warmth and sophistication to your living space.

Immerse yourself in Early Settler's diverse collection of bookcases and shelving, where functionality meets style to create inviting spaces in your home. Our range is carefully curated to cater to a variety of storage needs and aesthetic preferences, ensuring that whether you're a book lover or looking for a stylish way to display decor, we have the perfect solution for you. Whether placed in a living room, study, or bedroom, our bookcases and shelves are versatile pieces that add both functionality and charm to your space.

Classic and Contemporary Bookshelves for Every Reader

Our bookshelves are a celebration of both the classic and contemporary, designed to house your cherished book collection in style. From towering units that make a statement to more compact designs for smaller spaces, each bookshelf in our collection is crafted to be both functional and visually appealing. They are perfect for organising books, showcasing decorative items, and bringing a personal touch to your space.

The design of our bookshelves ranges from traditional wood finishes that bring warmth and character to a room, to modern designs with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Each bookshelf is constructed with durability in mind, using high-quality materials that ensure your books are safely stored. Whether you’re looking to create a home library or simply need a space to store your favourite reads, our bookshelves are designed to fit seamlessly into your home.

In addition to their practicality, our bookshelves serve as a canvas for self-expression. They can be styled to reflect your personality, whether that’s through an organised display of books and memorabilia or a more eclectic mix of items. Our bookshelves are more than just storage solutions; they are an integral part of your home's decor, adding both organisation and style to your living space.

Versatile Bookcases for Efficient Organisation

Our bookcases are versatile pieces of furniture that provide elegant organisation solutions for any room. They are designed to not only store books but also to showcase decorative items, photographs, and collectibles. Available in a range of sizes and styles, our bookcases can fit into any space, making them a practical addition to your home.

The craftsmanship of our bookcases ensures they are not only sturdy but also aesthetically pleasing. With various finishes and designs, from classic wood to modern metal, our bookcases can complement any interior design style. The shelves are adjustable in many of our models, offering flexibility to accommodate items of different sizes.

These bookcases are not just about functionality; they also play a significant role in the decor of your room. They can be used to create a focal point in a living room, add sophistication to a study, or provide extra storage in a bedroom. Our bookcases are designed to be a harmonious blend of style and utility, adding elegance and order to your home.

Add Contemporary Charm with Ladder Shelves 

Ladder shelves are a contemporary and stylish storage solution that adds a unique touch to any room. Their open, airy design makes them an excellent choice for smaller spaces, giving a sense of openness while providing ample storage and display space. Our collection of ladder shelves is designed with a modern aesthetic in mind, featuring clean lines and a minimalist look.

These shelves are perfect for those who want to combine functionality with modern design. They can be used to display a range of items, from books and plants to photographs and decor. The graduated design of ladder shelves offers a visually interesting way to organise and showcase your items, making them a focal point in any room.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our ladder shelves are both durable and stylish. They are easy to integrate into various room settings, from a home office to a living room or bedroom. The simplicity and versatility of ladder shelves make them a popular choice for those looking to add a contemporary and functional element to their home decor.

Find Functional and Stylish Shelving Units

Our shelving units are designed to offer functional and stylish storage solutions for every home. They come in a variety of designs and sizes, suitable for a wide range of storage needs. Whether you need a large unit to organise a collection of items or a smaller shelf for displaying a few treasured pieces, our range has something to suit your requirements.

The diversity in our shelving units means they can fit into any room and complement any decor style. From industrial metal shelving to traditional wooden units, each piece is made with quality and style in mind. These units are ideal for storing books, displaying decor, or organising everyday items, making them a versatile addition to any space.

In addition to their practicality, our shelving units are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. They can be used to break up a large space, add interest to a bare wall, or serve as a room divider in open-plan living areas. Our shelving units are more than just functional furniture; they are pieces that add character and style to your home, making them a worthwhile addition to any living space.

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Transform your home with the perfect balance of style and functionality found in Early Settler's bookcases and shelving collection. Whether you’re in need of a classic bookshelf, an elegant bookcase, a modern ladder shelf, or versatile shelving units, our range offers a variety of options to suit your storage needs and enhance your decor. Explore our collection today and find the ideal pieces to organise and beautify your living space, creating an environment that’s both welcoming and stylish.