Outdoor Accessories

Shopping for premium outdoor accessories that allow you to express and refine your own unique sense of style is what making yourself at home is really all about. Our goal is to introduce you to a carefully curated collection so that you can see everything that’s possible with nothing more than a click and a glance. 

With Early Settler by your side, you can discover a wide selection of outdoor homewares that are designed to speak directly to you. They’re the perfect finishing touches that allow you to set the tone for a relaxed, casual, and welcoming setting you will simply never want to leave. 


See Your Latest Outdoor Options

When it comes to outdoor accessories that finish things off in style, there’s nothing quite like being able to set the tone in terms of both texture and colour. Something as simple as placemats, lighting, and cushions can quickly become statement accents that allow you to change how everything fits together in a way that is truly meaningful. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone so it always speaks to the heart. 

First on the shortlist of options we want to connect you with is the Aruba Outdoor Bee Cushion, and we think you already know why. The plush nature and flawless finishing combine with the touch of comfort that you simply cannot go without when you want to create a truly restful outdoor space. It’s a chance to feel at peace and at ease, all so you can create a casual approach to life that allows you to get away from it all. 

Within the collection of outdoor homewares we have to offer are a variety of hidden gems that we invite you to unearth and discover. One such option, in our opinion, is the Aruba Pale Blue Floral Cushion. The contemporary blend of aesthetic beauty and everyday comfort is just what you need when you want to be able to create the kind of casual setting that allows you to sit back and relax. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to take life easy and live it at your own pace. 

Other outdoor accessories you may wish to consider treating yourself to include statement centrepieces like our Cochin Hand Stitched Tassel Rug. The traditional craftsmanship and uncompromising attention to detail open it up to a whole host of different matching options. The result is a piece that can sit at the centre of your outdoor space and invite you to come outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

This truly is the epitome of the Early Settler way, and it’s an approach that is sure to help you discover the perfect collection of outdoor homewares for your space. Play with different finishes, textures, colours, and patterns and you’ll soon have an aesthetic balance that really does speak to you on a deeper level. The only thing left to do now is ensure that comfort is always at the forefront so that you can create a casual yet stylish space that invites you to live life your way. 


Get More Enjoyment From Your Outdoor Setting

When you want to be able to make a house a home, you need to have elements of convenience, not just a focus on style and comfort. The key to making this happen is to make a few simple and practical choices along the way: 

  • Easy-clean fabrics and removable cushion covers will allow you to create a setting that is very easy to clean and maintain 
  • Long-life cushions will retain their shape and offer the same level of comfort and support for many years to come
  • Rugs that grip and stay in place will prove a sensible choice, especially if you have little ones who are always full of energy 

Shaping your shortlist of outdoor homewares with a focus on your larger pieces of furniture is the way to go here. If you have seating and a table in mind, finding options that integrate with the wider aesthetic becomes so much simpler. Think of your accessories as the finishing touches that bridge style divides and you’ll know exactly what we mean. Welcome to the homely setting that truly does allow you to switch off and relax for the very first time. 


Why Early Settler?

The Early Settler collection of outdoor accessories has been carefully curated and hand selected to ensure that there is something for everyone. If you then add in our quick delivery service and stress-free refunds and returns option, you’re left with an unrivalled choice that simultaneously delivers peace of mind. 

Now that you know who we are and what we can offer, it’s time to set yourself free to get creative like never before. From the moment you begin to explore everything that is possible, we know you’ll be ready to create something truly special.