Your bedroom furniture should make you feel at peace, at ease, and ready to switch off as you enter your own personal island of calm. It’s these welcoming feelings that truly make a house a home, which is why we love nothing more than connecting you with features that really do make the world of difference.

The Early Settler approach gives you the time and space you need to shape the bedroom you have always wanted, all while setting you free to do it at your own pace. What comes from that is an authentic approach to living that is everything you wished it would be. 


Looking at Your Bedroom Furniture Options

Our curated collection of bedroom furniture takes comfort and quality and combines the two with a commitment to the fine details that elevates the aesthetics. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to create the tranquil space that allows you to get away from it all. How you choose to shape it and adorn it is up to you — we exist to set you free in a way that is all about authentic expression. 

Stylish additions such as the Hampton Queen Canopy Bed help combine a chic sense of style with traditional values and timeless quality. This helps shape your space in a way that makes you feel aligned with it from the moment you enter, all so you can find the perfect spot to close your eyes and simply drift away. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone in a way that gives you everything you need to make a house a home. 

The Early Settler journey can take you through every element of bedroom furniture you can think of and is in no way limited to smaller pieces like the Valentine Bedside Table White. That said, if the thoughtful craftsmanship and authentic finishing has already caught your eye, please feel free to fan the flames of this creative spark until it roars. It’s what happens when you start to explore a collection curated for those who want comfort, chic style, and timeless quality all wrapped up in one. 

If you want something more ornate and intricate, it would be our pleasure to introduce options like the Bone Inlay Chest Black. The way in which it combines a stark contrast in terms of tone is supported by the thoughtful texture of the finish. The result is a timeless addition to the bedroom that is sure to provide a secondary layer of depth to your decor. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to leave your mark on a space that deserves a little extra attention. 

Creating a truly tranquil bedroom with your Early Settler experience is all about shaping a space that gives you permission to instantly rest and relax. It needs to make you feel like you’ve been heard and make it seem like the world really does revolve around you. Once you make this happen, you’ll be at peace like never before. 


Creating the Perfect Relaxing Bedroom 

Creating your dream shortlist of bedroom furniture doesn’t just reshape your bedroom, it gives you the freedom you need to express yourself all over the house. Here’s how you can create the most relaxing space possible so that ideas come effortlessly when it comes to your next project: 

  • Making use of the light and space you have at your disposal will make your room feel more open, accessible, and welcoming 
  • Think about mixing and matching textures, not just materials and colours, and you’ll have a lived-in vibe that’s truly homely 
  • Choosing storage options that sit in the background while also giving you space to hide things away will create a truly restful, slow-paced space 

As you work your way through your furniture options it’s important to pay attention to the flooring. Whether you prefer a carpet, a rug, or a stained wooden floor, finding a way to tie in the primary features of your furniture is what will really bring the rest of the room together. If you give yourself time and space to get it right, you’ll be left with a bedroom that’s an authentic expression of who you are and what you want your home to be. 


Why Early Settler?

Shopping for bedroom furniture should be about expressing yourself and shaping the space that allows you to rest and relax. To make it possible we’re proud to offer a quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns so that everything simply slots into place when you come to Early Settler. Exactly what’s needed when you want to divert your energy to the more creative side of the process. 

Every time you pause and reflect on your options you’re giving yourself a chance to grow even closer to your surroundings.