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Information on TV Units

Sitting back in front of your dream TV unit is the perfect way to escape the hustle bustle as the stress of the day simply melts away. Picture yourself snuggling up, reaching for the remote, and then immersing yourself in a whole new world and you’ll know you simply cannot do without it. The way you frame and support your screen is what completes the picture, and that’s where we come in. 

Search for your entertainment unit with inspiration from Early Settler's range of living room furniture and you can turn your focal point into a true work of art. Whether you want it homely and traditional, or a little more chic and contemporary, we’re always on hand to guide you through your options.

Shaping An Entertainment Centre With A TV Unit

The key to the right TV unit is to embrace a thoughtful combination of storage, function, and aesthetics. If you can match the overall style and size of your TV, you’ll be able to elevate things even more, all while finding a sense of balance that can be hard to create in the tech world.

Shaping your space and aligning your entertainment for the evening with the way in which the light flows around the room is essential. It’s what gives you permission to create a sense of homely balance without risking getting the basics wrong and inviting some of that unwanted glare to grace the screen. 

Using your entertainment unit to enrich your space by seeing it as a focal point that draws eyes to it without overpowering the rest of the decor is the way to go here. Take a look at the thoughtful proportions and meaningful lines of the Clover Large TV Unit and you’ll see everything you need to know about this open approach to design. It’s what becomes possible when you decide to treat your main communal space to a new border that sits at the edges of your family entertainment. Think of it in this way — as opposed to something purely functional — and you’ll be elevating your movie night backdrop before you know it. 

For those looking for something a little more nuanced and deep, taking a closer look at our Kalise Reclaimed Timber 6 Drawer TV Unit is the way to go. It’s a statement piece that has a slightly eclectic style thanks to the half dozen drawers on show, and it’s also a piece that invites you to explore everything your home can be. If you embrace the way in which the grain dances with the light and breaks up a primary surface in your lounge, you’ll get a real sense of what it means to have decor that works on a deeper level. 

As you go further along your path, you’ll get a sense of everything your home can be. The living room is a communal space after all, which means you want it to be able to extend a warm welcome and glowing smile to everyone who walks into the room. Once you achieve that, you’ll be all set to host and entertain friends and family in a way that allows you to make truly timeless memories for many years to come. 

Getting More From Your Entertainment Unit

Shopping for a TV unit is about so much more than choosing a bigger stand now that you have upgraded to an even bigger screen. Think about it as a way to frame and border your main source of communal entertainment and you’ll have a whole host of ideas to work your way through:

  • Choosing a unit that has enough space on top for a pair of matching ornaments or trinkets on either side of the screen could be just what’s needed to provide the homely touch 

  • Match the profile of the unit to the proportions and sense of balance of the rest of the room so that you don’t feel like you’re having to force things 

  • Opting for a welcoming yet largely neutral colour will balance the clarity of the screen and the flawless finish of your TV’s black bodywork 

Choosing to have your new addition in alignment with your seating is about making sure everyone can enjoy a suitable viewing angle. If the layout of your room allows, split your seating right down the middle of the central part of the unit. This will make everyone feel like they are right there at the heart of the action, making memories together. 

Why Early Settler?

Your entertainment unit is the central part of your lounge because it’s the piece that allows you to sit back and relax without a worry in the world. To make sure your shopping experience with us unfolds in exactly the same way, our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns options come as standard. It’s all about making sure that you have everything you need, and nothing more.