Information on Workbenches

Every home needs to feel like the place you never want to leave, and a workbench that you can use however the mood takes you is one way to make it happen. The homely nature and aesthetic charm combine to make you feel at peace as soon as you see it.

The Early Settler approach to choosing from the wealth of workbenches on offer within our range of kitchenware is all about listening to your heart. Dial back from everything around you and you will soon find that it’s your heart that will show you exactly where it is your home needs to go. 

Exploring New Work Bench Styles

The beauty of embracing everything that a new kitchen workbench can provide is that it frees you up to make so much more of your space. This is about adding something which is functional yet aesthetically pleasing, and all in a way that allows you to set the tone in your own personal way. 

Choosing to have a workbench along one side of the room will provide a sense of balance while also inviting you to make the most of your space. Take the Valaro Marble & Reclaimed Timber Kitchen Workbench for example, and get to know the innate beauty of the reclaimed wood and you’ll find it really does have a story to tell. This is a piece that allows you to set the tone in any way you choose, all while giving you the freedom to shape your dream home. 

Your Early Settler journey will then take you to designs with even more presence and gravity, not least of all the Chelsea Kitchen Island Bench with Granite Top. The way in which the flawless finish of the stone seems to dance with the light right throughout the day truly is a joy to behold. Take it as a starting point for the kitchen space you have always wanted and you’ll be able to create a look that instantly puts you at ease. After all, isn’t that what making a house a home is all about. 

As your kitchen workbench search continues, there’s other options to consider, such as the Carter 2 Drawer Island Bench and the refined aesthetic it adds to the wider picture. The utility and practicality of the two-drawer design lends itself to the slightly eclectic vibe you want. The result is a modern take on the lived-in look that is sure to endure for many years to come. 

The real charm of exploring the various options our curated collection of workbenches has to offer lies in the little things you’ll find along the way. New ideas when it comes to everything from lines and profiles to materials and finishing truly are priceless. If you wrap them all up, hold them tight, and then use your own creativity to tie everything together, you’ll be assured of a home that really does speak your language. Perfect when you want to create your very own island of calm. 

How to Get More From Your New Work Bench

Keeping your kitchen workbench in pristine condition may be something that sounds a little easier said than done, but that’s because we haven’t shared these tips with you yet: 

  • Choose a finish that is durable and ready to stand up to everything family life may throw at it

  • Finding a unit you love but that is also quick and easy to wipe down will ensure that it looks its best for years to come 

  • Think about which sides you want to leave open so that you can get the most out of your latest addition 

  • Create a quick list of what you want to have permanently out on the bench so that you can check you have space for everything 

If you can match your bench to your walls and flooring while also giving it just enough in common with your other units, you’ll be able to create something that is homely and welcoming. The kitchen is the heart of the home in so many ways, so finding a way to extend that warm welcome you want to offer really will make a world of difference. Perfect when you want to be able to feel free and at ease in your home every time you put your keys in the door. 

Why Early Settler?

The homely touch a workbench can add should be available with nothing but the click of a button, so that’s exactly the way we do things. Thanks to our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option, you’ll see that everything is so much easier when you shop the Early Settler way. All you have to do then is start thinking about how you want to leave your mark on your space.

When you shop with intention you can live with authenticity. Welcome to the home you truly deserve…