The beauty of turning your bathroom into the soothing little oasis you have always wanted it to be is that you can finally live life your own way. It’s about being authentic, real, and intentional in the way you rest and recover so that you can really get the most out of life. Our goal is to guide you to this destination so you can find a space you will never want to leave. 

The Early Settler approach to bathroom decor will allow you to meet your new-look space sooner rather than later, and all in a way that puts you at ease every step of the way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to set the tone for the rest of your life simply by aligning your home to your intentions. 


Creating a Truly Tranquil Bathroom

The key to finding the bathroom furniture is to make sure you feel at peace with the aesthetic choices you’re making. It’s not about forcing new trends and visuals into the mix — you deserve so much more than that. What you need is a space in which you can feel relaxed and at peace so that there’s nothing to slow you down. We’re going to help you to live with this degree of creative intention in a way you won’t believe right now.

Firstly, take a quick look at the Clare Sliding Barn Door Single Vanity and see what you make of this classic piece of design. It’s our way of showing you that there’s so many more ways to change how you look and feel, and that the best of them start when you align your home to who you really are on the inside. 

Next, the Ripple Single Vanity offers a beautiful blend of form and function that allows you to create a space that is all about you. Think about it as the finishing touch and secondary focal point that turns your new space into the one place you would always rather be. It’s where you get ready for the day ahead, get ready for the perfect restful sleep, and get ready for everything life has to offer you. Think about it in these terms and you’ll see why investing in a vanity that speaks to you really is the smart move when you want to feel at home in your own personal way. 

As you continue to shape your bathroom you’ll find thoughtful candidates like the Louver 2 door Vanity with Base Shelf Blue Stone Top and the way in which it combines a striking contrast with traditional values. The result is a statement inclusion that allows you to set the tone for the rest of your space, and to do so in a way that gives you full creative freedom about how you want to do it. 

Going the Early Settler way is all about embracing these choices as chances to authentically express yourself on a whole new level. Think about it as the ultimate way to shape life by being who you want to be and you’ll know that it’s the approach to authentic living you have been searching for all this time. 


Get the Most From Your New Bathroom 

The beauty of the right bathroom decor is that it has the power to turn a purely functional room into your own personal spa or oasis. The shift in how you see it is all about embracing new ways of combining style and substance so that you can create a space that reflects how you want to live your life. 

  • Find a finish that looks the part but that is also quick and easy to maintain so that it always looks as good as new 
  • Make sure you have a little extra storage space for future expansion and changes in the way you want to use your vanity 
  • Think about a vanity as a combination of elegant storage and thoughtful aesthetics so you always strike the right balance 

The more you embrace this holistic approach to decor, the more you will get out of the process. Consider something simple — a matching mirror, for example — and you’ll be able to find a whole new way of embracing what your space has to offer. 


Why Early Settler?

Diving into the aesthetically creative world of bathroom decor is all about giving yourself the freedom to live life on your own terms. Because we know you never want to be left waiting when it’s time to express yourself, we’ve put together a thoughtful combination of a quick delivery service and a hassle-free refunds and returns service so that you’re never looking for more. All you have to do now is embrace our curated collection and see for yourself what happens when you express yourself with true authenticity.