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Information on Dining Stools

Consider a space in which you can feel at ease and at peace and you’ll probably be picturing the casual yet stylish option only well-appointed bar stools can provide. They allow you to take things easy, take the weight off your feet without committing to a lengthy stay, and occupy minimal floor space in your dining room when not in use.

The balancing act that a stool strikes is sure to allow you to add different touches to the rest of the room. It’s about authentic choices that give you permission to live life in your own way, all while having versatile seating options that work alongside any breakfast bar or table.

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Choosing the right size and style of bar stool is all about finding a way to express who you are while never feeling like you have to compromise when it comes to comfort and function. It’s striking this difficult balance between style and substance that allows you to dress the whole room to impress in a way that gives you the freedom to truly enjoy it.

With a range of stools that is constantly evolving, Early Settler embraces everything from traditional elements and timeless materials, to modern lines and clean finishes. The Kalise Reclaimed Timber Stool is a classic example of this ethos, and something that allows you to add a strong, bold element to your space in a way that will set the tone in just the right way. Ideal when you want to be able to celebrate the beauty of natural finishes in a way that speaks to the heart.

As you continue your Early Settler journey, you’ll come to see that adding bar stools is really not just about opting for sleek and chic modern additions. There’s such a wide spectrum and cross section of styles on offer that there truly is something that will speak to everyone. The Norman Leather Stool is a classic example of precisely what we’re talking about, if for no other reason than it uses the timeless finish of crisp leather to tie everything together.

As you continue your search for a stool that you can integrate into your space, you’ll find options like the Barndo Wooden Low Stool or the Felix Counter Stool in our collection. Both offer their own aesthetic merits alongside a welcoming, homely touch of style that invites you to take a seat at your leisure. Ideal when you want to create a space that feels like it was designed to match your mood.

Living in accordance with the Early Settler outlook on life is all about shaping your space to reflect your intentions. It’s also about adding stylish and aesthetic elements that are never afraid to be comfortable and accommodating. Once you get the balance right, you’ll be left wondering how you went this long without it in your home. But rather than dwelling on this, take a moment to embrace what you now have in front of you and then get ready to create your dream home.

Get Even More From Your Dining Stools

Shopping for a bar stool that can be used to dress your room is as much about choosing materials that will stand the test of time as it is about picking a style you love. Here are a few quick tips that will guide you through some of the key points to consider along the way: 

  • A padded seat will need to have a durable, long-life filling that will keep its shape and form for many years to come so comfort is never compromised

  • Wipe-clean surfaces and durable leather finishes that can easily be buffed will allow you to make sure everything looks as good as new

  • Find a balance between materials and colours so that your latest addition becomes a statement piece, but one which doesn’t appear like it’s being forced to fit 

Finding little nooks in which you can put your new seating option, like the corner of a breakfast bar or kitchen counter, will allow you to create something cosy yet striking. This modern take on adaptable seating will give you everything you need to shape a home that reflects who you truly are. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to make a house a home in your own personal way.

Why Early Settler?

Finding the right set of bar stools for your home becomes so much simpler with our quick delivery service and no-free refunds and returns option. They combine harmoniously to deliver an Early Settler experience that never leaves you wanting more, all so you can shape your home so that it becomes everything you have always wanted it to be.

The balance, poise, and aesthetic charm of finding the right match is something that is sure to make you smile every time you walk into the room. Ideal when you want to be able to enjoy your home on a deeper level, all while tying things together in a way that needs no introduction.