Sofa Beds

Information on Sofa Beds

A classic sofa bed is about giving yourself the freedom to rest, relax, and recover at your own pace, no matter what’s going on in the world around you. By finding a way to switch off and take it easy, you can free yourself from the hustle and bustle in a way that makes you feel like you really do have all the time in the world.

Embrace the world and outlook of Early Settler and you’ll see that luxury sofa beds are the quick and easy way to create an island of calm in your home. Shop our extensive sofa collection to connect with a world of comfort unlike any other. 

Discover Our Sofa Bed Range

Something as simple as a single sofa bed can completely reimagine the space you’re working to transform right now. You can think of it as a piece that invites you to take the weight off your feet, adapt your space to your mood, and then live life at your own pace in a way that gives you the freedom to be truly authentic.

Going further into your options will introduce you to choices like a more compact 2 seater sofa bed such as our Da Vinci 2 Seater Fabric Sofa Bed. The way in which it makes optimal use of space allows you to add a touch of comfort and homely charm, all without sacrificing floorspace or compromising your existing layout. Ideal when you want to be able to create a setting that makes you feel at home from the moment you put your key in the door. 

A further look at your options brings us to the inimitable Teddy Double Sofa Bed in Latte — a timeless touch of style that allows you to slow down whenever the mood takes you. The way in which the soft fillings give you the freedom to sink in and feel truly weightless is something you simply have to experience. From this simple starting point you can then dress the rest of your space to impress in a way that reflects the way in which you feel. 

Choosing the right sofa bed for your needs is all about thinking about how you want to combine colour and texture with the new dimension of functionality you have added. The Cove Dark Grey Sofa Bed is a classic example of how to strike this balance the right way, and not just because of the clean and crisp nature of its lines. What really sets it apart is the way in which the weight and gravity of the grey invites you to start matching lighter neutrals and creams to really open up your space. 

Embrace true Early Settler living with a classically compact 2 seater sofa bed and you’ll be able to inject a whole new lease of life into your chosen space. It’s all about finding a way to set yourself free while giving yourself permission to create a setting that makes you feel truly complete. Just what you need when it’s about making a house a home. 

Get Even More Out Of Your Sofa Bed

The classic single sofa bed is a choice that we all love to make and an addition we all enjoy, but how do you get the best out of it for years to come? The key is to make a few smart choices at the very beginning, and we can guide you through them without delay: 

  • Easy-clean fabrics that you can wipe clean, or that you can remove and put through the wash are the order of the day here

  • The filling in the cushioning needs to be able to hold and retain its shape for years at a time, all so you can sink into it effortlessly like the day it first arrived

  • Something as simple as choosing a material that is blessed with a texture — not just a colour that gives you a whole variety of matching options will set you free  

Finding the right balance between freedom and homely comfort is the key to creating a cosy space that you will never want to leave. Start by aligning the orientation of your latest addition with the flow of the natural light into your room and you’ll have the foundation for some truly authentic style. 

Why Early Settler?

The humble single sofa bed can become a statement finishing touch when you embrace it and celebrate it for everything it can be. To make sure your journey unfolds in the most natural way imaginable, we offer a quick delivery service and no-stress refunds and returns option that gives you true peace of mind. What else would you expect when you shop with true authenticity at Early Settler?

Take a moment to consider how you want to use your space and you’ll see that there’s no shortage of options. Welcome to the freedom to choose that you have always wanted.