Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Information on Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Your dream coffee table is not just a finishing touch for the living room — it’s a statement about the design choices that bring your room to life. We love the idea of you picturing it as the focal point of the room, all while it ties together your rug, your seating, and your wall art in a way that provides a homely sense of balance. 

Something as simple as the calming touch of a round coffee table at the centre of the living room really can tip the balance so your space becomes truly homely. This is a place where you want all ages to feel relaxed and guests to feel welcome, which is why creating a sense of unity is what truly matters. When you’re ready to make it happen, we’re delighted to guide you through your options. 

Coffee Table Options to Savour 

Our curated collection of coffee tables exists to set you free to express yourself through chic pieces of furniture that combine style and substance in perfect proportion. This is a chance to find new ways to change how you see things slotting together, and it’s a way to tie other elements into your approach to interior design. It’s time we showed you what this journey will look like.

Your coffee table options start by revolving around simple choices when it comes to shape, profile, finish, and material, but that’s only the beginning. What you’re really doing here is finding new ways to balance the interplay between all of these thoughtfully deployed elements so that your space comes to life. 

Take a classic marble coffee table as an example and then think about how it will look set near to the pristine simplicity of secondary pieces like the Lotus White Stool. The balance between the rich marble and the timeless white opens up the space while also introducing a slightly more ornate level of detail than was there at first. And then there’s more nuanced touches like the effortlessly chic Clover Lamp Table With Shelf and the way in which it adds a slightly eclectic note to the wider room. Balance can be achieved in so many contrasting ways that it’s sure to give you more than enough to think about. 

Perhaps you are already set on a specific round coffee table but then come across the Fulham Coffee Table. Does this mean you have to rethink how the rest of the lounge comes together? No, it’s a simple example of how your tastes evolve and flourish when you get the chance to connect with a far wider range of creative options. Embrace the journey and you’ll soon see your own personal style come to life before your eyes. 

As you get to know the Early Settler way, you’ll begin to walk a journey whose destination is the warm, cosy, and inviting living space you have always wanted. It needs to feel snug enough to make everyone feel secure, and yet open enough so you feel free to move and express yourself. You can achieve both of these by focusing on what your furniture means to you and how it balances the proportions of the room as a whole. 

How to Enjoy Your New Coffee Table 

Choosing a coffee table to sit at the centre of your room isn’t really about being big, bold, and ornate for the sake of it. What you’re doing is adding an authentic point of focus to the space that will tie in all of those eclectic threads a communal space is blessed with. Here’s a few things to consider as you seek to strike the perfect balance: 

  • Opt for an easy-polish finish if you’re choosing wood. This will make sure the pristine way in which the light dances with the surface never becomes a distant memory 

  • Using the natural light to highlight your tabletop will allow it to take on a life all of its own in a way that ebbs and flows with the seasons 

  • Matching the proportions of your table to the extent of your seating will create a sense of balance and unity that makes the room feel complete 

As you continue to explore your options, start picturing your new addition with and without a rug underneath it. If you feel like it needs that little extra bordering to fully elevate it into a central point, we’re ready and waiting to guide you through this next part of your journey. 

Why Early Settler?

Searching for a marble coffee table should never be any more difficult than selecting a style you love and then sitting back while it comes straight to your door. Thanks to our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option, that’s the way things will work from here on in. Just what’s needed when you’re looking to make a house a home.