Candles, Candle Holders & Lanterns

Information on Candles, Candle Holders & Lanterns

Warm Your Home with Our Candle Collection

Early Settler's candle collection invites you to a world where light and fragrance combine to create a serene atmosphere. Our decor range, which includes a variety of candles, elegant lanterns, and stylish candle holders, is meticulously designed to infuse warmth and tranquility into every corner of your home.

Experience the Sensory Delight of Candles

Our candles are more than just light sources; they are crafted to engage your senses. Available in a range of scents from soothing lavender to invigorating citrus, and sizes from petite tealights to grand pillar candles, they are perfect for setting the mood. Whether it’s for a cozy night in, a festive gathering, or a relaxing bath, these candles are versatile enough for any occasion.

Lanterns Add Elegance and Function

The lanterns in our collection are designed not just to house candles safely but also to elevate your decor. These pieces range from vintage-inspired designs to modern geometric shapes, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Place them on your patio for a twilight gathering or in your living room for a soft, ambient glow.

Candle Holders Complement Your Decor

Our candle holders are designed to complement any decor style. From minimalist glass holders that let the candle's flame take centre stage to ornate metal holders that add a touch of luxury, each piece enhances the beauty of its candle. They provide a stable base, ensuring safety and elegance go hand in hand.

Create a Cozy Vibe with Candles and Lanterns

Create a welcoming ambiance in any room with our candles and lanterns. Arrange them in groups for a striking effect, or use them individually as focal points. They're perfect for dinner parties, quiet evenings, or simply as decor accents that add a warm, inviting touch to your home.

Explore the Magic of Our Candle Range

We prioritise both quality and aesthetics in our candle collection. Each item, from the candles to the lanterns and holders, is made with top-notch materials, ensuring beauty and durability. Whether it's the charm of a classic candle, the allure of a lantern, or the practicality of a candle holder, you'll find the perfect item to light up your home within our exclusive Homewares range.