Outdoor Bar Tables

Information on Outdoor Bar Tables

 The beauty of taking the decision to bring your dream home to life is that you can search for those little extras, like an outdoor bar table, that you’ve always wanted. Something simple like having an extra space to host and entertain your guests can make your home come to life in the evenings and on those sunny weekend afternoons. Perfect when you want a home that is the centre of everything.

Search for your perfect outdoor bar set with a little help from Early Settler and you’ll have a statement piece that finishes your outdoor space in style. Exactly what you want to hear when it’s time to set the tone in your own personal way. 

Exploring New Bar Table Ideas

The key to the right outdoor bar setting is to make it accessible and inviting so that you and your guests never have to look for an excuse to go and use it. The more open and welcoming you can make it, the more likely you are to be in the mood to have a couple of drinks as you enjoy the sunshine. 

As you go a little further into your outdoor bar table options, you’ll find there’s no shortage of different styles to choose from. Ideal when you want to be able to create a striking feature that sits at the centre of proceedings, all while giving you something to smile about when you show your guests what’s in store for the afternoon. 

Our mission is to unite you with an outdoor bar set that offers style and substance, and the Kace Outdoor Bar Table in Storm Blue could just be the perfect match for you. It’s a way of finding the right synergy between profile and colour, and all so you can create a beautiful outdoor space that will soon become the talk of the neighbourhood. Start thinking about how you can mix and match some casual seating and a fire pit for the late night events and you’ll have a space that is all about taking things easy. Perfect when you want to make a house a home in a truly authentic way. 

Your new outdoor bar setting could also take the form of something along the lines of the new Camden Outdoor Bar Table. This thoughtfully, artisan finished piece is sure to catch the eye from the moment you step out the door and welcome your guests into your new-look garden. It’s a chance to make a statement and leave an impression, all while adding some homely charm that will put everyone at ease. 

Take a moment to pause, explore, and then choose the right outdoor bar table for all your needs and you’ll never regret it. By taking the Early Settler journey to heart, you’ll have a statement addition that allows you to find new ways to spend quality time with friends, family, and those who matter most to you in the world. The secret to creating a house that feels like home is embracing these genuine experiences so that you can find new ways to really enjoy life.

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Bar

The key to the right outdoor bar setting is to find something that adds nothing but convenience and style to your home. In terms of cleaning and upkeep, you want as little as possible, which is where these tips from our experts come into their own:

  • A durable finish and tough surface that you can wipe clean and buff out when needed will enable you to make sure your bar looks as good as new for years to come

  • Measuring up and deciding how you want to use your space wisely will ensure easy access and a welcoming focal point in the garden

  • Finding a colour and a profile that catches the light at just the right time of day will give you all the excuses you need to step outside and entertain

Your house becomes a home when you have spaces that you simply cannot wait to enjoy the moment you walk through the door. Add an outdoor sofa or comfy chairs and you’ll have a relaxing space that’s all about living life at your own pace 

Why Early Settler?

When you put your trust in us to find you the perfect outdoor bar table, we take it seriously. That means regardless of which style or size you choose, we’ll give you full access to our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option as standard. It’s our way of ensuring that furnishing the dream home you have always wanted feels as quick and easy as sitting back and taking your pick from our curated range. 

Now that you know how we bring authentic living spaces to life, it’s over to you to create your own.