Outdoor Rugs - All Your Questions Answered

With land prices continuing to skyrocket (and many of us spending much more time at home), most Aussies are making use of every square inch of their homes. And this includes the outdoors where the ‘outdoor room’ continues to trend. An extension of the indoors, the outdoor room is a valuable living space that is increasingly being styled as if it is inside – think sofa, coffee table, potted plants and a fabulous outdoor rug.

Why do you need an outdoor rug?

An outdoor rug serves the same function as an indoor one – not only does it help anchor a room, but it also helps define a space, muffle sounds and adds a healthy dose of texture and colour. Ultimately, it can pull your outdoor seating area together into a unified and inviting space that provides a focal point in the backyard.

How to choose an outdoor rug

Make sure your outdoor rug complements your existing outdoor furniture and décor. Be sure to measure the space and make sure that your rug is big enough for the front legs of your outdoor setting or sofa to sit on it. Allow around 15 centimetres overhang either side for a more generous look.

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What are outdoor rugs made from?

Typically, outdoor rugs are made from polypropylene or polyethylene PET plastic. Stain-resistant, easy to clean and generally resistant to fading from sunlight, these strong and durable materials can handle moisture and heavy foot traffic too.

Our rugs are made from 100% PET plastic that is spun into a surprisingly soft yarn. Given they are essentially crafted from plastic, they are super low maintenance, making them durable and resistant to spills and light rain. This material is eco-friendly too – PET rugs help minimise discarded plastic bottles that pollute our oceans and end up in landfill.

Can an outdoor rug be used inside?

Outdoor rugs are designed to withstand rough weather conditions, which makes them an equally excellent choice for homes with children and pets. And there’s no reason why an outdoor rug can’t be used inside – in fact, it’s often a smart move. Moisture-resistant, an outdoor rug is an ideal choice for wet areas such as the laundry or bathroom where mould and mildew can be a problem.

How to care for your outdoor rug

While an outdoor rug is relatively low maintenance, caring for it will increase its lifespan. Unlike most indoor rugs, outdoor rugs can be cleaned with mild soap, a scrubbing brush and hose. Give your outdoor rug a regular vacuum to prevent dirt from building up within it – a broom or leaf blower can also work well too.

Rug pads are a useful maintenance item – not only do they prevent slippage but they act as buffer between the rug and the surface below.

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Other benefits

Styling aside, an outdoor rug performs many practical tasks in an alfresco area. If your outdoor area is often bathed in sunlight, an outdoor rug is much cooler underfoot than walking on a hot deck or patio tiles. An outdoor rug can also prevent any cutlery or other items from falling through any gaps in the deck.