How to Create a Fabulous Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a wonderful way to add personality, create a focal point and transform your space in a relatively affordable way. Combining a curated display of photographs, prints and even the odd personal item (hello favourite album cover or handwritten and framed note!), your own personalised gallery wall is timeless. And while it’s the favoured look of many a stylish homeowner, creating one and putting it up is not without its anxiety. From combining large and small items to including different styles of frames, these are our top tips for executing the perfect gallery wall.

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Create a cohesive colour palette

For a tightly edited, gallery-like feel it’s best to make sure that your gallery wall has a cohesive colour palette. You could combine neutrals with subtle accent colours or keep the whole palette very monochrome for a polished look. Alternatively, you can fully explore the colour wheel – just make sure to use just one or two frame styles to reign in the look.

Combine large and small pieces

Start with something large to anchor the wall but never place it in the centre – left or right of centre is best. Always choose one other largish piece to hang on the opposite side and then mingle the smaller pieces in between. If your largest pieces are landscape in orientation, place a smaller portrait-shaped work next to it (centred or bottom aligned), and vice versa.

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Mix portrait and landscape orientations

While it’s important to combine large and small pieces, it’s equally advisable to combine pieces that are both horizontal and vertical (portrait and landscape). Don’t forget about square-shaped prints either – the more variety within the gallery, the more visual interest it will provide.

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Combine different frame colours and styles

When choosing your frames, to prevent things looking messy, try to stick to two or three colours or finishes. The exception to this rule is when it comes to a larger wall – that sort of space can take a wider variety.

Add a personal touch

Not everything in your gallery wall has to qualify as ‘art’. A personal touch, such as an album sleeve, concert ticket or handwritten note, will imbue the wall with meaning and sentimentality.

Lay out your wall before you hang it

Once you’ve decided on what you want to include in your gallery wall, you should measure out the amount of space that you want to fill. Then you need to replicate this on the floor by outlining the area with packing tape and slotting the pieces within it.

This process allows you to play with your art placement ad infinitum with no fear of damaging the wall. Try to keep a uniform distance between each piece and hang them around 8 centimetres apart. Once you’ve got the layout sussed, take a photo with your phone for reference and start transferring the pieces to the wall. Place a spirit level at the top of each frame to make sure they are hung straight.