How To: Choose Artwork For Your Home

How to: Choose artwork for your home from the comfort of the couch

The icing on the proverbial, there’s nothing like a fabulous piece of art to really complete a space. And with so many affordable art options available online, and print techniques improving all the time, bringing quality art into the home is easier than it’s ever been. But while some things are relatively easy to purchase online, buying art can prove a little tricky. From style to size considerations, there are many things to contemplate when purchasing art online.

Define your home’s style

Whether your home is an inner-city industrial-style apartment or a suburban Hamptons-style retreat, the type of wall art that you choose will help enhance your home’s unique personality. For example, do you want your home to have a casual or more formal feel? As a general rule, framing instantly adds formality whereas a canvas print feels more relaxed.


From painterly blooms to travel photography or something more minimal, it’s important that your art choice complements your preferences too. For instance, if you’re located in the hustle and bustle of the city, you may like to choose something that makes you feel relaxed – a scenic mountainscape or beautiful beach scene perhaps? Likewise, if you live in the countryside, a cityscape might be just the ticket.