Outdoor Dining Bench Seats

Information on Outdoor Dining Bench Seats

Finding a home setting that makes you feel at ease is often about adding something simple — an outdoor bench could be all that’s needed to add a homely finishing touch. The beauty of this realisation is that it sets you free to express yourself in a way that will really move you. 

The Early Settler approach is all about guiding you through your outdoor bench seat options in a way that makes you feel at ease. We know that this is a personal experience, so we take the time to get things right in a way that will truly set you free. 

Discover Outdoor Dining Bench Seats Range

Something as functional yet stylish as an outdoor storage bench that invites you to sit and take it easy can be a strong candidate to make it onto your shortlist. The way in which the seating doubles as a clever and subtle storage solution is one of the simplest ways to keep your outdoor space looking its best. Ideal when you want to keep the kids’ toys at bay without having to spoil the aesthetic you’re trying to create. 

The Early Settler experience is about far more than finding an outdoor bench seat though, and really this should come as no surprise. What we truly care about more than anything else is finding a way to set you on a path to the home you have always wanted. Take the new Ripple Curved Dining Bench, for one, and you’ll see that this statement piece is designed to catch your eye in more ways than one. Yes, it invites you to sit and enjoy quality time, but it’s the aesthetic statement it makes when not in use that truly endures. 

Continue your exploration of our offerings and you’ll discover other creative flourishes, such as our new Blake Aluminium Dining Bench or the Malia Outdoor Bench. Both have a way of speaking to your inner designer, and doing so in a way that allows you to enjoy the vision you see before your eyes. If what you see is a statement addition to the garden or yard that makes you smile, you’ll know that you’re really onto something special. 

For those searching for an outdoor bench that embraces the wonders of natural finishes, the Antigua Wooden Bench comes highly recommended. It’s a timeless classic that has been brought right up to date in a way that allows you to set the tone in your own signature way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to find a touch of style that allows you to hit all the right notes so you feel truly at peace. 

The beauty of treating your home to an outdoor storage bench is that you can use it to solve your casual seating and toy storage issues at the same time. And for those who have already kept the little ones in order, the in-built storage is perfect for blankets and cushions. There really is nothing like being able to snuggle up and watch the sunset unfold. 

Enjoying Your New Dining Bench

Finding the right outdoor bench seat is as much about the upkeep as it is about the initial impression. That’s because you want to have something in your space that will make a statement for years to come, especially if you’re someone who likes to be able to host and entertain your guests in style. Here’s a few things to consider: 

  • Pick a tone and a colour that will stand out in the sunshine so you can see your new outdoor furnishings looking their best from every angle

  • Opt for durable, hardwearing materials that give you everything you need to create a refined finish that will never fade over time

  • If you’re looking to add outdoor cushions, consider storing them within the bench itself to improve usability and ease of use 

As you work your way through your outdoor storage bench options, consider how you want to base and centre yourself. Some choose a dining table, others like to also add side tables and a fire pit. The choice is yours when you embrace the Early Settler way of life, so why should you settle for anything less than precisely what you have in mind?

Why Early Settler?

Searching for the outdoor bench you have always wanted becomes so much simpler when you have the peace of mind our quick delivery service and no-stress refunds and returns services offer. It’s all part of our mission to set you free in a way that gives you everything you need to create a look that you will instantly fall in love with. 

Early Settler exists to give you choice, freedom, and the ability to unlock authentic living like never before. We cannot wait to see what you create next.