Outdoor Cushions & Placemats

Information on Outdoor Cushions & Placemats

The secret to bringing the home of your dreams to life is adding the little finishing touches, like outdoor cushions, that set you free to rest and relax. You can use them to dress your sofa or daybed, and they also provide that extra touch of comfort and support. Make the most of what’s on offer and you’ll find there’s a little something for everyone when it’s time to express yourself. 

When you come to Early Settler, you’ll find a carefully selected collection of outdoor seat cushions that give you everything you need to express yourself. Welcome to a truly homely touch of comfort that will never go out of style. 

Making Outdoor Living Truly Comfortable

Treating yourself to a matching set of outdoor pillows that invite you to lie back and enjoy the sunshine is the perfect way to bring your space together. It will give you all the excuses you need to sit back and take in that warming glow, all so you can live life at a more authentic pace than ever before. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to take it easy in your own personal way. 

A great little option to start with could be something simple like our new Aruba Orange Gum Nut Place Mat. It’s a homely, welcoming finishing touch that allows you to feel like you have everything you need to entertain your guests in style. The combination of casual colours and natural imagery offers a delicate balance that allows you to set the tone in just the right way. From this simple little touch of style comes a stylish and cosy setting that gives you everything you need to truly feel at home. 

The Early Settler experience doesn’t stop there, however. Our range of outdoor seat cushions offers stylish little touches like the new Aruba Pink Lemon Cushion. It’s a casual yet refined piece that invites you and your guests to take their seats at their leisure, all so you can create a setting that speaks to everyone on a personal level. Ideal when it’s time to shape the events of the day around an inviting space that leaves nothing to chance. 

Something as simple as a set of outdoor pillows that you can use to dress your sofa or daybed can add a refined finishing touch. Take the playful look of our ever-popular Aruba Beetle Cushion as a starting point and you’ll soon see that there’s an array of options that are ready to be discovered. Perfect when you want to create a homely little oasis that invites you to lie back and relax as you drift off and get away from it all. 

Living your life alongside the Early Settler philosophy is about taking the time to get things exactly how you want them. It’s a chance to set yourself free, discover who you are, and find new ways to express yourself in a more authentic manner. If you combine all of these elements with your passion for getting things just right, you’ll have your dream home before you know it. 

Choosing the Inspired Outdoor Options

A stylish set of outdoor cushions that come in an eclectic array of designs and colours will help create that cosy, lived-in vibe that you have always wanted. From there, you can shape a space that is always ready to invite you outside, as a long as you make a few simple considerations: 

  • Removable covers will make cleaning and maintaining your outdoor lounge as quick and easy as it should be

  • Long-life cushion fillings will hold and retain their shape, ensuring that comfort is top of the menu for many years to come

  • Colours that won’t be washed out by the bright sunshine will ensure the right balance of aesthetics and comfort

Adding your outdoor seat cushions to a sofa or set of casual chairs that are all orientated around a large coffee table and rug is the way to go here. By having a sense of unity and proportion, you can strike the right balance in a way that really does make you feel at home. The only thing left to do then is decide when you want to bring your dream home to life by making the additions. 

Why Early Settler?

The beauty of a set of outdoor cushions from Early Settler is that you qualify for our quick delivery service and hassle-free refunds and returns option without having to lift a finger. This is all part of our commitment to ensuring that when you want to elevate your daily life, all you have to do is sit back and pick out exactly what you want. 

As you start to walk down the path towards more authentic living and personal style choices, you’ll find there’s nothing that you cannot add to your home. Perfect when you want it to be your own little haven in the world.