Outdoor Cocktail Trolleys

Information on Outdoor Cocktail Trolleys

Sitting outside and being able to sip a drink at your leisure from your new luxury bar cart really is the stuff that dreams are made of. Imagine lying in the sunshine, taking it easy, and then reaching for your favourite cold drink without a worry in the world. Does anything else compare?

When you embrace the Early Settler approach to life, you can find the perfect cocktail trolley for your own personal style. It’s about taking your time, taking your pick, and then taking a sip in the sunshine with a smile on your face. Welcome to authentic living…

Exploring Your Drinks Options

Adding an outdoor bar cart to your garden or patio space will give you the freedom to live life at your leisure, all while you find new ways to have fun in the sun. The beauty of this approach is that it adds another excuse to get out there into the sunshine, all while you find a whole host of new reasons to invite friends and family over. 

In fact, you can use your new outdoor bar cart cabinet to elevate your space in a way that perfectly balances other additions. Take a moment to picture it alongside a statement piece like our Kace White Coffee Table and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. It’s a chance to tie different styles and aesthetics together, all while finding a way to make your house feel like home in your own signature way. 

The Early Settler experience allows you to naturally ebb and flow with the seasons, all so your bar cart becomes a focal point worthy of sitting alongside your existing Sanctuary Coffee Table. The result is a charming combination of different styles and aesthetics that welcomes you home and invites you to sit back and take your seat in the sunshine. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to enjoy quality time that unfolds at your own speed. All you have to do then is find a reason to invite a few friends over so that the afternoon can begin. 

As you dive a little deeper and get a little more creative with your options, you may wish to consider more nuanced choices. Our Nova Nested Wicker Coffee Table adds a combination of contemporary functionality and traditional materials so that you can create an aesthetic that works on a wide variety of different levels. Exactly what you need to hear when it comes time to create a homely space that reflects who you are and gives you the freedom to truly switch off. 

Explore your cocktail trolley options, think about how you want to furnish the rest of your space, and then take your time as things fit effortlessly together. It’s the Early Settler way in all its glory, and it’s an approach to life that will give you everything you need to set the tone in your own signature way. Perfect when it’s time to make a house a home you will never want to leave. 

How to Make the Bar Cart Choice

Whether you want an outdoor bar cart, or a more versatile bar cart that can also come inside, we’re ready and waiting to treat you. The key is to find something that allows you to relax and take it easy, all while you sit back and host in style. Here’s a few ways to make it happen: 

  • A wipe-clean surface that you can spray clean or quickly buff will make sure that drinks rings never detract from the quality of the finish

  • Matching the style of your cart to the type of seating will help create a unified theme that invites everyone to come over and join in 

  • Keep your space light, open, and casual so that you feel free to take your time and sit back and you’ll get so much more use out of it 

If you can add in some outdoor lighting that adds the perfect evening ambience you’ll find you get so much more use out of your new-look outdoor space. It’s about making it look warm and welcoming so that you never have to think twice about stepping outside and taking it easy. 

Why Early Settler?

A luxury outdoor bar cart that comes complete with quick delivery and hassle-free refunds and returns is the Early Settler gift to you. It’s because we want to set you free to express yourself through furniture choices that give you everything you need to live life your way. We like to think of it as the gateway to authentic living that allows you to move at your own pace.