Information on Ottomans

Put your feet up, close your eyes, and then reach for a cold drink the moment the mood takes you and you’ll be experiencing life with the ottoman you have always wanted. It’s so much more than an addition to your lounge or living room — it’s a finishing touch that ties everything together. 

The Early Settler way of life can introduce you to something stylish yet practical, like a storage ottoman, or allow you to focus on pure creativity and sophistication. With the wealth of options within our sofa collection the choice is yours when you come to a store that has a little something for everyone just a click away. 

Exploring Our Ottoman Range

Feeling at peace in your surroundings and never even having to stretch to put your feet up on your new favourite round ottoman is what life is all about. By having the freedom and space to take your time and get truly comfortable, you can set yourself on the path to a more authentic approach to life. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to change how everything flows together in your space so you can switch off and relax for the very first time. 

Going in whichever direction you choose is what the Early Settler experience is all about, and nothing does it better than a classic leather ottoman that invites you into the room. The way in which the crisp leather adds a premium yet slightly vintage look is something to savour, but there are also, of course, a variety of other options. The Freya Embroidered Green Velvet Ottoman, for one, is an option that you will relish taking a closer look at if you enjoy the more nuanced things in life. 

As you continue your Early Settler journey you’ll come to meet other thoughtful additions, such as the Maree Black Velvet Ottoman or the Cumulus Ottoman. While both offer something markedly different from an aesthetic point of view, they have a shared ability to unite your space and the features and furnishings that you have already added to it. Perfect when you want to be able to create a setting in which time simply fades away and you have the space you need to truly relax. 

Going back to the idea of a leather ottoman, perhaps a timeless option such as the Carson Vintage Leather Ottoman could be to your liking? By embracing vintage style in a way that aligns with slightly more modern and minimalist inclusions, you can create an ambience that’s all about living life at your own pace. Ideal when you want to be able to set the tone for an evening of quality time with the people you love.  

And for those who want style and substance to balance one another in just the right proportions, something like a storage ottoman could just round things off. It’s what shopping the Early Settler way is all about when you want to create homely, lived-in spaces that still present something strikingly charming to everyone who walks through the door. 

Enjoying Your New Ottoman

Shopping for a classic round ottoman isn’t solely about picking out an option that makes you smile every time you picture it taking pride of place in your home. Aside from this initial burst of excitement, you need to know that it will stand up to everything family life can throw at it. Here are the key points you should consider: 

  • An easy-clean fabric, or a wipe-clean leather, will help you maintain the pristine nature of the finish for many years to come

  • Something simple like a slippers or socks only rule can help reduce tarnishing or gradual scuffing that can take the edge off our ottoman

  • If you have a cushioned addition, make sure that you shop for a long-life filling that will old its shape over the years

  • Thinking about texture, not just the overall colour, will allow you to mix and match your other inclusions and strike the perfect balance 

Adding the finishing touch here is all about making sure you have ease of access and use whenever the mood takes you. If you’re truly going to be able to switch off in your space, you need to make sure that your home’s latest addition is never in the way, but also never out of reach. You’ll know the right balance as soon as you strike it. 

Why Early Settler?

Finding an ottoman that ties everything together in just the right way is easier than you might think thanks to our quick delivery and hassle-free refunds and returns services. We know that all you want to do is create a strikingly warm and homely space that invites you to put your feet up, so we do it in a way that will ensure you’re never left waiting.

When you want to feel truly at home, Early Settler takes you on a journey that always makes your home space that little bit more homely.