Door Bells

Information on Door Bells

Let the touch points of your home leave a lasting impression with door bells from Early Settler's Home Fixtures range. Discover our range of turn bells, ship bells, and bell presses crafted with the highest quality brass, porcelain, chrome, and iron in Victorian, Art Nouveau and contemporary styles.

Ship Bells, Turn Bells & Bell Presses

Welcome to Early Settler Furniture and Homewares, your go-to store for all your home decor needs. We're excited to introduce you to our range of high-quality door bells, including classic options, unique ships bells, stylish brass bells, and the convenient bell press.

A door bell is an essential part of any home, providing a practical way for visitors to announce their arrival. Our range offers a variety of styles to suit any home decor. The classic version is a simple and traditional design, while the ships bell adds a nautical touch to your entrance. The brass type, on the other hand, is a sophisticated and stylish choice that is sure to make a statement.

For a more modern and convenient option, we offer the bell press, which allows your visitors to announce their arrival at the press of a button. This option is perfect for homes with multiple entry points, as it eliminates the need for a traditional doorbell.

All of our door bells are made from high-quality materials and designed to last. They're easy to install and come with all the necessary hardware, making it a breeze to upgrade your home's entrance.

At Early Settler Furniture and Homewares, we understand that the little details can make a big difference when it comes to home decor. That's why we offer a range of door bells that are both practical and stylish, adding a touch of elegance to your home.