Embrace Outdoor Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style decorating is famous world-wide for its relaxed, sun-drenched and earthy sophistication. It’s beauty lies in the honest, simple material palette, drawn from the earth, and inspired by the coastal and interior landscape. Although hundreds of years old, a new, modern take on Mediterranean style is perfect for our Antipodean climate and lifestyle, and we can look to its signature style to re-create this iconic look in our own backyards or balconies. 

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The base colour palette for modern Mediterranean interiors is a natural stone or sandstone. This is often the raw stone itself, used to create the walls and pave the floors.  

Walls may be also white-washed or hand-rendered to create a soft, organic look. Arches, columns and large windows are designed to frame a view accentuate the connection between the landscape and the home.

 Rough-hewn timbers feature in doors, windows and beams, and highlights come in the form of other nature-inspired hues such as terracotta, olive greens and sea blues.  

Natural and re-claimed timber furniture pieces are perfectly suited to Mediterranean style, providing a rustic and relaxed charm.  

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Timber or rattan chairs will consolidate the look, but if you’d prefer a hint of colour, choose seating in terracotta, cinnamon or turmeric.

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Outdoor lounge seating around a low coffee table is the perfect set-up for Med-style sun-seeking all day – from breakfast on the terrace through to evening aperitivos. Wicker two and three-seaters and matching chairs, accessorised with soft outdoor scatter cushions in olive and lemon tones will give you instant vacay-vibes. 

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Long, slow meals and casual entertaining are a beloved feature of Mediterranean summer life, so if space allows, select the longest table you can, to seat ten, or twelve (or more on benches). As the sun sets, gently illuminate the space with lanterns hung from branches or placed along the ground to create an enchanting dining zone. Family and friends will feast into the night from generous platters of the freshest local produce, served on rustic platters placed for communal sharing.

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