Meet Oscar: Experience Modular Living


Modular Living

Meet Oscar, the dynamic sofa bringing a sense of togetherness to your living room. With individual modulars, you can move each section together and create a cosy space for family and friends to gather in comfort. Having a movie night? Place the ottoman in front of your seat to add extra space for you to stretch out on. If you love hosting, this sofa provides an opportunity for large, spacious seating and plenty of space for family and friends to move to after dinner and relax.

Cosy Organic

With its soft curves and feather wrapped seat cushions, this sofa provides a cosy retreat within your home. The organic shape adds an earthed feel to your home, creating a warm inviting space and a perfect place to curl up and relax. The round backrests and arms give you a soft place to lean on where you can sit for a longer period and stay comfortable.


Capsule Couch (Modular)

Be innovative with your new sofa. The Oscar sectional sofa can be customised to fit your living space, simply add one or more of the centre seats to your two-seater to transform this compact sofa into spacious seating, fit for the whole family. The modular design of this range offers a multitude of seating possibilities, and with each piece being fully upholstered they can be used as a standalone armchair alongside the two-seater.


Different sizes

Giving you versatility, this sofa enables for different sizes to be created and is easy to manoeuvre around any living space. Simply slot in one or more of your centre seats in a few arrangements to create a perfectly sized sofa that fits your needs. With the addition of an ottoman, you can turn your sofa into a chaise lounge. If you have a small apartment, a two-seater configuration will be suitable for your needs, and if you have a larger living space our two-seater paired with one or more centre seats will be perfect for you.

Neutral colours

Bringing a warm earthed feeling to your living room, the neutral colours of this sofa ensure that it can work with any style and taste. Simply pair it with your favourite cushions and throws to create a sofa that encapsulates your own personal style and brings your living room to life.

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