Cosy Sanctuary

Escape the cold and fall into a cosy sanctuary with your new bedroom. Bedrooms are a favourite place to relax and unwind after a long day. There is nothing better than coming home and crawling into a warm, comfy bed and reading a book, or watching a movie while being completely relaxed and at ease. It is important to get a good night’s rest to be productive the following day, and at Early Settler, we have you covered. Pair any of our beds with one of our mattresses to further elevate your sleep haven and create the perfect retreat within your home. Add some stylish, warm throws or blankets and you have the ultimate escape from the cold.

Stylish Bedroom

Bring your own unique style to life in your bedroom with our new upholstered bed range. Our new beds are a great addition to any room as they are soft to touch and come in a range of colours to suit any style. Pair the Audrey Moss Green with natural timbers and cool tones to create a winter cabin feel. If coastal is your vibe, our Audrey bed in a natural weave is perfect for you. Paired with tones of blue and white, you can welcome a coastal escape into your room. And if warmer, earthy tones are for you, the Audrey also comes in a rose velvet, bringing in tones of pink which also pair well with natural timbers.

Soft To Touch

Our new bed range offers soft touch bed heads and frames that further elevate a sense of comfort within your room. With soft curves and velvet material, these new beds bring a lighter feel to your bedroom and invite a cosy environment. The Audrey offers two kinds of material, with a velvet in both moss green and rose or a natural weave. The Sophia comes in a lovely emerald velvet.

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