1855 Door Stud Iron Matt Black  H19xW19mm
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1855 Door Stud Iron Matt Black H19xW19mm

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Create the perfect opening with our extensive range of high quality door fixtures. Early Settler's range of door handles, pulls, knockers and knobs come in variety of designs and finishes to ensure that you can set the right tone with your door fixtures.

  • Malleable Iron Door Studs
  • .
  • Black Colour
  • Matte Black Finish - Depending on the item, we achieve our Matte Black finish through many different processes. Some items are powder coated, others are treated with an ageing process. However it is achieved, our Matte Black finish is both durable and stunning. Matte Black hardware provides a striking contrast on white or timber applications and has been the cornerstone finish of the popular Hamptons look
  • Available in Multiple Finishes

Dimensions: L 19mm X W 19mm